Slimming World Leven


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Get the most recent info on Slimming World weight loss clubs in Leven, Fife and the surrounding area from the Slimming World website . If Slimming World don't have a group near Leven on the time and date that suits you then try another weight loss meeting close to Leven.

You can sign up for a Leven Slimming World group for just £10 and then pay a weekly meeting fee of £4.95.

A Slimming World meeting in Leven, Fife will help you to lose weight and more importantly lose it for good. The meeting is led by a highly trained Consulatant who will guide and support you. You will receive information and support on how to eat more healthily and lose weight while still having a good time. The Leven group will be full of like minded people who want to lose weight and are facing the same challenges as you. You will not be alone at a Leven, Fife Slimming World class.

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